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The American government welcomes people with special talents from every part of the world to help American employers find a suitable employee. You may think that you can easily get a H1B visa and start a new life abroad, but keep in mind that it involves a lot of paper work associated with tedious processes. To help ease out your stress, we at Silverline offer special visa consulting services to help you get H1B visa and find a great career opportunity.

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If a potential employer is not able to find a suitable candidate in the US, he can look for candidates abroad who are eligible to practice specialty occupations. Also, candidates with outstanding ability to work on a cooperative R&D project or defense department can also apply for H1B visa. Even talented fashion models are eligible to apply for this visa.  

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The H1B visa is usually valid for three years. This can be further extended to six years or even beyond in certain cases. In this period, your employer can sponsor you for a Green Card to help you obtain permanent resident status. On successfully completing 5 years as a permanent resident, you can apply for citizenship.